developed deployment tool

Automatic deployment tool.
Upload files, load them on the server and deploy the application with two buttons.

Technologies used: HTML5/CSS3, NodeJS, EJS, JS, Shell/Bash

portal tool

The Portal.
Aggregate and access on one single page all tools used by the team.

Technologies used: ReactJS, Gatsby, HTML5/CSS3

rest api app

Complete RESTful API.
Make all CRUD operations from/to a DB, or upload a bulk file. All testable through Swagger.

Technologies used: NodeJS, MongoDB, Redis, Swagger, Docker. Test: Mocha/Chai

rest api app

Show the best
Fetch data through an API and show the best rated movies/shows, and their details.

Technologies used: ReactJS, HTML5/CSS3, Test: Jest/Enzyme

main website of mine

Main website.
Functions: login and sign-up; GUI to write and post on-line.

Technologies used: HTML5/CSS3, NodeJS, EJS, JS, MongoDB